Monday, July 19, 2010

This Place Show

Here are some photos from the show I did with Not an Octagon last week. It was at Balsam Bistro, in Toronto's Beaches neighbourhood, which is always a great spot for a show. I had a great time (despite being pretty under the weather), and we're all tremendously grateful to everyone who braved the heat and made it out to see us.

These are just the paintings I did, to see more be sure to check out Not an Octagon's group blog here for more on the show.

This piece was inspired by the G20 protests here in Toronto a couple of weeks ago.

Here's a portrait of Beaches native Glenn Gould. I think I'll be developing this one into a larger piece somewhere down the road.

Some leaves floating in the water at my grandparents' cottage.

And a collaborative piece I did with Hyein Lee. She did the drawing, which I painted over. While I was painting it, there was a huge house fire on my street, which may have contributed to the colour scheme. I'll try to put together a clean scan of it soon.

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