Monday, December 14, 2009

Hitting the Slopes

Here's a card I did for a lawyer here in Toronto. I'd previously designed his business cards, and he asked that I maintain the same graphic motif as the business card and adapt it into a seasonal image. It was an interesting challenge! The business card design is below: personal information has been obscured to protect the innocent.

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Michelle Overton said...

Hi Eric,

My name is Michelle Overton. I am your basic average mother of two in Southern California. One day I got the idea to do a mini survey of people who have blogs with the last name of Overton. It is an experiment really. I do a review of your blog, then make a little post about it on my blog. So far, you are blog #2 that I have surveyed. It was really great to see all of your impressive artwork. I particularly liked your last post, the business card to Christmas card. That was really great. Thanks for blogging so I could get to know a little about you.


Michelle Overton