Sunday, November 05, 2006

Halloween and Superheroics

Tessar posted a challenge on his blog for other Sheridanites to do superhero sketches. After Fred's masterful turn as Cyclops this Halloween, I couldn't resist the opportunity to show off the superheroes I hang out with every day. Here we have Fred as Cyclops, Rey as Nightcrawler, Tessar as Batman, and Chad as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Daredevil and Supergirl appear as their own badass selves. Finally, here's me in my Halloween costume from this week. I figured it was my last chance to be Ghost Rider before the movie comes out and ruins everything.


Rey O said...

I love it - I'm a cute/pervy elfy man!

you look HOT on that bike, get it!?!?!

rey o

Anonymous said...


am i really that beefy looking?

u made me a lot more handsome-er than real life....

nice fred summers.

Chad C. said...

Ghost rider before he got his license, pretty rockin.